Macaw Macaw Thermal Auk Hawk ILS ADC Micro ADC Snap Single Band/UV µ-MCA RGB+3

ADC Snap Single Band/UV

Tetracam’s new line of single-band cameras is based on our popular ADC Micro system form factor. The cameras are configured with 1.3 megapixel monochrome Snap Shutter sensors with standard catalog filters that can be installed behind the lens.

Of special interest is the UV version, which with its fused silica lens can see short-wave energy in the 370 to 400 nm bands. Also available are conventional glass lenses for imaging narrow bands of the visible and NIR spectrum. The filters are field-replaceable, so the camera can be configured with different filters depending on the mission. (note: changing filters in the field may require refocusing the lens for sharp images.)

The file formats used are the same .RAW and .DCM compressed formats generated by the Tetracam MCA products. The camera also has the same capabilities as the MCA for capturing GPS and Autopilot metadata, and appending it to the images and the mission log file.
The single band cameras come with the same accessories (carrying case, card reader, power supply and control box) as the ADC micro and ADC snap agricultural camera products.

Prices are available here. For general information about the ADC Snap, please visit the ADC Snap page.