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Micro-MCA Snap Thermal Bands

Tetracam's Micro-MCA systems can now be configured with one or two FLIR TAU sensors for imaging in the range from 7500 to 13000 nanometers (TAU 2 IR).The footprint for the product is the same as for the Micro-MCA12 product lines, with one or two FLIR cameras occupying the space normally used for channels 6 through 11.

All of the cameras in the array including the FLIR units are aligned and synchronized so that the captured images can be added to multi-page TIFF files, and stitched into large mosaics. Typically, thermal cameras are hard to stitch by themselves, so the synchronization and alignment in the array of the FLIR units permits accurate overlaying of thermal, SWIR, NIR, Visible and UV band information.

Exact system pricing depends on overall system configuration, including filters. The FLIR cameras are offered at FLIR list price + system integration cost:

FLIR TAU 2 IR Camera 168 X 128, FLIR TAU 2 IR Camera 336 X 256, FLIR TAU 2 IR Camera 640 X 512, FLIR TAU 2 SWIR Camera 640 X 512 have prices according to our latest price list.

For a Micro-MCA6 Snap system with standard filters, and the FLIR 336 X 256 IR camera, the total system price would be the price of the Micro-MCA6 Snap system plus the price of the FLIR 336 X 256 IR camera.The IR units offered are 10 frame per second cameras. The 336 X 256 and lower resolution cameras are without ITAR restrictions. The 640 X 512 and SWIR cameras are subject to ITAR export restrictions.

Contact us for information about other TAU 2 products. For general information about Micro-MCA systems, please visit the Micro-MCA page.