Auk Firmware Page

This is the page where you will find all releases of Auk firmware currently on our website. When updates are made to the Auk system files, the changes are distributed by Auk_V0XXX files, where XXX is the firmware version. The process to update the Auk with a Windows PC using Samba is below.

Changes to the Auk are noted here.

Instructions on How to Update Firmware in the Auk

  1. Power up the Auk and wait until it has a green LED and its Wi-Fi hotspot is accessible.

  2. Download the Auk firmware file you are interested in from the links below.

  3. Extract the Auk firmware file to receive the AUKUPDATE.tar.gz file.

  4. Connect to the Auk via Samba as described here:

    1. Connect to the Auk Wi-Fi hotspot using your PC Wi-Fi settings. It should be indicated by AUK3XXXX or AUK0XXXX, where XXXX is the last four digits of your Auk camera serial number.

    2. Open a Windows File Explorer.

    3. Enter \\192.168.1XX.1 in the address bar, where XX is the last two digits of your Auk camera serial number.

    4. Open TTCAUK.

    5. All the images, logs, and settings should be accessible from TTCAUK.

  5. Place the AUKUPDATE.tar.gz file onto the root of TTCAUK.

  6. Close the File Explorer window.

  7. Power off the Auk.

  8. Power on the Auk, and when the LED is green, the Auk should be updated.

Auk Firmware Links

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