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        Tetracam introduces Faster, Lighter, Lower-cost Micro-MCA systems - SEE ANNOUNCMENT HERE

        Tetracam debuts new electronic-Incident Light Sensor - More HERE.

        Tetracam releases new Micro SD Card Reader Six-Pack More HERE.

        Tetracam announces new Icarus Software Suite Bundle For Details Contact Sales.


  • 8/21/14
    Tetracam offering reselling Pix4D photogrammatic software  More Here


  • 8/01/14
    Tetracam announces exciting ADC Snap camera More Here


  • 4/5/12
    Tetracam presented a class on the "Selection, Integration, and Usage of Unmanned Aircraft Systems with Tetracam Multispectral Cameras."  Conducted by Mr. David Dvorak (Field of View), the class provided detailed information on carrying Tetracam cameras aboard unmanned aerial platforms.  Additional classes on this subject are presented on an ongoing basis..


  • 4/2/12 - 4/4/12
    Tetracam presented a class on the "Principles of Multispectral Imaging for Agriculture." Conducted by Messrs M Herkommer (Geo-Konzept). G. Ismael (Tetracam) and S. Heinold (Tetracam), the class presented detailed information on using Tetracam multispectral systems as early warning systems for spotting problems with vegetaion.  Additional classes on this subject are presented on an ongoing basis.


  • 3/1/12
    Tetracam announces expansion of the capabilities of its ADC family of multispectral cameras with the introduction of an improved Aptina sensor, the ability of its cameras to output live color video and, for the ADC alone, a larger and more viewable display.


  • 1/20/12
    Tetracam began selling Dr. Prasad Thenkabail's information-packed reference on remote sensing, "Hyperspectral Remote Sensing of Vegetation."  This 700-page treatise provides spectral data helpful in selecting filters for use with Tetracam's popular spectral analyzing tool for vegetation, the Mini-MCA.


  • 1/13/12
    Tetracam, Field of View LLC and Robota today flight-tested a Triton UAV carrying an ADC Lite.  For photos of this flight test, check out the Triton Mission.


  • 12/9/11
    Tetracam today announced the addition of Guided Systems Technologies to its list of Collaborative Product Integrators.  GST joins Robota, Rotomotion and a growing list of other companies that integrate Tetracam products with their own to enable users to better address their multispectral imaging needs.


  • 11/17/11
    Tetracam today announced agreements with Robota of Houston, TX and with Rotomotion of Charleston, SC.  These agreements will enable Tetracam to better provide a full spectrum of integrated UAV/Multispectral Camera choices to our customers.  For more on our new integrated UAV/Multispectral Camera bundles, check out the Solutions section of our web site.


  • 11/1/11
    Tetracam today introduced its latest addition to the ADC family of multispectral cameras, the ADC-FX.  This camera's versatility enables its use as a test bed for evaluating individual optical filters and their impact on vegetation indices such as NDVI. For more, check out the Products section of our site.


  • 10/3/11
    Tetracam today introduced discounts and new product bundles specifically designed for use by agricultural educators and researchers.  See our Solutions
    section for more information on these new Tetracam offerings.


  • 08/11/10
    Tetracam ships first HawkEye flying camera platform to the University of Missouri's Plant Sciences Division. The HawkEye is a radio controlled powered parachute that is capable of flying both the MiniMCA6 or ADC Air Lite cameras for remote sensing applications


  • 08/10/09 - 08/13/09
    Tetracam unveils the Mini-MCA multispectral camera at the 2009 AUVSI Unmanned systems North America 2009.


  • 07/13/09
    Tetracam patents the 3DVu2Go, the first 3D Viewer for smartphones in the world


  • 06/01/09
    Tetracam releases ADC Lite Ag camera. The new ADC Lite will be lighter than its older brother (ADC Air)
    and will provide a great low cost solution to the growing UAV markets.


  • 08/22/08
    Tetracam has completed certifications for its Voice Copilot audio telemetry system (patent pending). Details of the product performance can be found at www.tetracam.com/voicecopilot.htm The units are now on sale in the company's online store.


  • 07/15/08
    Tetracam Announces the availability of the Voice Copilot Telemetry System