Macaw Macaw Thermal Auk Hawk ILS ADC Micro ADC Snap Single Band/UV -MCA RGB+3




Tetracam produces the world's most efficient and most economical multi-spectral cameras and the software required to interpret what they see. On farms and ranches throughout the world, Tetracam systems monitor subtle changes in the visible and near-infrared radiation that plants reflect. Growers use this data to spot plants under stress, monitor plant growth or to perform dozens of other functions helpful in managing crops. Variations in the near-infrared indicate changes to vegetation long before any indications appear in the visible spectrum (refer to our System Application Notes for more information on the basic capabilities of our products).

The same Tetracam imaging systems in use in farmers' fields are also in use daily in the fields of biology, forestry,  environmental research, surveillance, and infrastructure inspection.  Indeed, to date we have sold nearly one million multi-spectral and special purpose imaging systems.  We continue to work in the background providing imaging expertise for some of the foremost manufacturers of scientific and monitoring equipment in the world.

Tetracam serves an international base of customers ranging in size from individuals to multi-national corporations, and our diverse portfolio of capabilities ranges from clean sheet designs to low cost high volume manufacturing.  We look forward to working with you and thank you for taking the time to visit our site and learn more about our Company and our Products.