Integrated Unmanned Aircraft and Multispectral Imaging Solutions

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) present an attractive option for lifting multi-spectral imaging systems above areas of interest. They enable users to obtain images anytime they want rather than just when a satellite is scheduled to pass over the area.  They operate below cloud level so their views are rarely obscured.  They provide resolutions in the centimeter-per-pixel rather than meter-per-pixel range.  And, their low cost and ease of storage, transportation and operation provide advantages over manned aircraft.

Tetracam's Hawkeye Parafoil

Tetracam makes its own unmanned parafoil that is safe, simple to operate and extremely inexpensive.    Find out more about Tetracam's Hawkeye at the link below: 

Tetracam's Hawkeye Parafoil


Tetracam Camera/UAV Solution Providers

In additon to our own parafoil, Tetracam maintains partnerships with top-notch UAV providers throughout the world.  These provide our customers with a full spectrum of integrated UAV/Camera alternatives that are able to meet a variety of customer performance and budgetary requirements.  To find our more about each of these camera-carrying alternatives, please check out the link below.

Tetracam Integrators

For additional information on our available Integrated Unmanned Aircraft and Multispectral Imaging Solutions, please contact our  Sales and Marketing Dept.