Researcher's ADC - FX / Optical Filter Bundle


Our new ADC - Filter Experimentation System (ADC - FX) is an invaluable tool for correlating  specific wavelengths of visible and NIR radiation with plant canopy chemistry.  

Like our standard ADC system, the ADC-FX contains a single image sensor.  This system differs from the ADC in that its sensor is the same as the sensor used in a Mini-MCA unit.  Consequently, the radiation applied to the ADC-FX is passed through a single user-selected optical filter rather than the Bayer pattern filter mosaic present in other ADC systems. 

Like the Mini-MCA, the narrow band optical filters used with the ADC - FX are field replaceable. This allows users to capture multiple images of a single subject with different filters and then merge these with the accompanying PixelWrench2 software. With its merged channels, the multispectral image may then be processed by PixelWrench2 to derive common vegetation indices such as NDVI. In this way, the ADC - FX system may be used as a test bed for evaluating individual narrow band filters and their impact on vegetation indices or on their ability to accentuate specific compounds of interest in the image.  More information about the ADC - FX system is available in our Products section.

Currently, we are including four optical filters free with the purchase of any ADC-FX.  The filters included with this system are:

470 nm - 470FS10 - (Blue)

550 nm - 550FS10 - (Green)

660 nm - 660FS10 - (Red)

810 nm - 810FS10 - (NIR)

These filters allow users to derive the following:

NDVI:  Normalized Difference Vegetation Index

RVI:  Ratio Vegetation INdex

GVI:  Greeness Index (all TM channels)

SAVI:  Soil Adjusted Vegetation Index

SIPI: Structure Independent Pigment Index

Red Edge

Carotinoid Composite

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