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PixelWrench2 is a powerful image editing program that includes tools specific to multi-spectral images. The program accepts NIR/Green/Red or other bands of captured images from the ADC or MCA family of Tetracam sensing systems and aligns registers and re-combines these according to user-defined or standard algorithms to produce new images that may be used to indicate conditions such as plant stress or the presence or relative abundance of specific monitored compounds.

PixelWrench2 also provides very specialized tools for management of MCA image sets, color processing of Tetracam RAW and DCM files, complex batch processing tools, production of several vegetation index and canopy segmentation images as well as a comprehensive suite of image editing tools. PixelWrench2 can open ADC proprietary DCM10, RAW10 and RAW8 image files along with several standard image file types (BMP, JPEG, TIF, PNG etc.)

PixelWrench2 includes TifExport, a tool that converts MCA images to multi-page TIF files of any page depth (usable by GIS applications) and enables users to view any combination of three bands as a single color image and view a histogram, pixel-wise spectral signature or metadata associated with that image. 

PixelWrench2 also includes GPS Log Distiller.  Tetracam cameras may be configured to operate in streaming mode or they may be configured as USB mass storage devices (USB disks).  Distiller provides a method of communicating with the camera when configured at the latter.  Distiller provides controls for setting all important camera operating parameters and creating and editing camera alarm files. Distiller provides a multi-threaded file transfer function for moving image and log files from the camera(s) to hard disk.  Distiller also refines the camera produced log files to compact *.GPS files and KML files useable with Google Earth. GPS Log Distiller can be executed from the command line or batchfile to send camera settings
files and transfer camera image files to hard disk.

PixelWrench2 features include;

  • Windows multi-document (MDI) access to image files
  • A full interface to cameras operating in native streaming mode
  • General image editing tools
  • A form for viewing image metadata
  • Specialized tools for handling and processing ADC and MCA file sets
  • A batch processing tool for handling large sets of image files
  • Tools for generating vegetation index and canopy cover images
  • An optical calculator for deriving fields of view, spatial resolution etc.

PixelWrench2 runs on any Windows 32-bit or 64-bit Operating System.  The software is interoperable with the entire suite of Tetracam programs, DLLs and utilities (see Tetracam Application Software Overview).


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