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Photogrammatric software that is simple to use, affordable, and powerful.



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General Information

It is frequently the case that users of Tetracam products will find themselves with either an ADC or MCA system with the purpose of analyzing different, many times specific vegetation. If users can analyze an entire field in contrast to individual sections of that field, they will not only work more quickly as far as reaching conclusions regarding vegetation analysis, but they will also be much more likely to be successful in their individual professional endeavors. That's why photogrammatric software is essential to productivity in agricultural pursuits.

Photogrammetry is the science of making reliable measurements by the use of photographs, especially aerial photographs. A photogrammetric software is defined as a software that stitches together imagery into what is called an orthomosaic, which is a series of images that are geometrically corrected, or orthorectified, such that its scale is uniform and can be used to measure true distances because it is an accurate representation of the Earth's surface.

OneButton is a photogrammetric software designed by Icaros, a company established in 2004 by GIS and electro-optic technology veterans as an aerial mapping service provider; they provide photogrammetric software, remote sensing systems, and OEM solutions. Icaros OneButton works extremely well with Tetracam products. Because of Icaros' enthusastic development team, a user can expect OneButton to be reliable, user-friendly, and powerful photogrammetric software.

Why OneButton is Necessary

OneButton is essential photogrammetric software because it serves the needs of the user:

  • Create orthomosaics by utilizing georeferenced Tetracam imagery and optionally ground control points

  • View all of the images in a data set before processing using the Image View/Edit tool

  • Tweak advanced processing settings to ensure the best orthomosaic results

  • Automatically detect the camera specifications immediately after inputting imagery

  • Native support for Tetracam image metadata and GPS files created from PixelWrench 2

  • Stitch multi-page TIFs and be able to see orthomosaics of all of the bands

  • Create NDVI and other vegetation indices from orthomosaics using PixelWrench 2

  • Learn the software easily due to the user-friendly interface

  • Receive technical support directly from Tetracam and Icaros

Illustration of Features

ADC Micro Orthomosaic with a Colored NDVI

MCA Multi-Page TIF Orthomosaic with an RGB Extraction and a Colored NDVI

How to Order

Icaros and Tetracam are pleased to offer a free trial of the full version of OneButton to users of Tetracam products. Tetracam is also providing OneButton on an installation CD with camera system purchases.

Take advantage of this special offer provided by Icaros and Tetracam while it's available! Take a look at the other offers as well as contacting us for more information.



Tetracam Icaros OneButton User Guide
Tetracam Icaros OneButton Errata Sheet




Smart NDVI cameras are multispectral cameras for precision agriculture that can calculate vegetation indices and create false color NDVI images without the use of an image processing program accessory.

Precision Farming and Forestry need multispectral camera and NDVI camera images to create orthomosaic maps that allow interventions to be optimized. NDVI phenocameras that can perform time lapse photography are best for slow growing flora, while faster growing commercial harvests are best served by airborne NDVI mapping cameras.