About Tetracam

The introduction of the world's first commercial digital still camera (Dycam Model 1, 1989) marked the beginning of a new era in photography. Tetracam principals and engineers designed and manufactured that landmark camera and have since been continuously involved in the design and commercialization of more than 100 different digital camera models with cumulative production approaching one million units. Tetracam's standard and custom built camera platforms have been used to satisfy many different electronic imaging requirements including scientific, airborne, security, observation, mobile, and wireless solutions. We have cameras that operate beyond the range of visible light, such as UV cameras, NIR cameras, and Thermal cameras.

We are particularly proud to have invented and commercialized the first low cost multi-spectral digital cameras for agricultural remote sensing, and NDVI Mapping.  We continue to develop that technology while helping to improve yields and manage resources for increasingly precious farmlands worldwide.


Our development and short run production facilities in Chatsworth, CA are complimented by high volume low cost manufacturing operations in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, China. With design and manufacturing expertise in imaging hardware, software, optics, and related systems, we deliver multiple levels of value to our OEM and design services customers. Internal product development and sales through our scientific imaging and specialty products business provides us with continuing opportunities to service vertical or emerging electronic imaging markets.