Tetracam has suspended all Manufacturing Operations

As of October 1, 2021, Tetracam no longer conducts manufacturing and repair operations involving camera products. The sale of all camera products has been suspended. Manufacturing facilities have been closed and tooling and test equipment used in camera production and repair has been discarded. There is no stock available of any of our camera systems, and there are no plans for resuming production. We will continue to support units in the field with firmware and configuration related issues which do not require electronics manufacturing facilities. The company may also entertain requests for consulting services involving new camera system designs.

We are sorry that camera system sales fell below the level needed to support the company. The decline in sales is attributed to the Covid-19 epidemic and other business reasons. To all of our dealers and customers, we thank you for your support over the years, and hope you have continued success in your endeavors. We believe the existing marketplace for multispectral cameras offers cost-effective alternatives to Tetracam's products, and that data can still be collected and analyzed as needed in the development of precision agriculture.

Contact Information

George Ismael and John Edling are handling legacy issues associated with camera products in the field:
John Edling can be reached by email as
George Ismael can be reached by email as

For access to our legacy support and information pages click here.
Please note that all information with regards to products and pricing is outdated and unusable.