Tetracam Image Processing Service      

In a single mission, a Tetracam multi-spectral camera might capture hundreds of images representing thousands of acres of often indistinguishable ground cover.  One of the greatest challenges facing users of any aerial photographic system is to accurately merge the images they capture into a contiguous high-resolution, geo-referenced image mosaic.  Now, Tetracam offers a service that does just that for multispectral imagery.

Our Tetracam Image Processing Service (T.I.P.S.) produces geo-referenced orthomosaics from customer submissions of multispectral images.  Our process is tailored for images produced by Tetracam systems.  We work directly with images submitted in our proprietary RAW or DCM image file formats.  This avoids the artifacts and other inaccuracies introduced through other services' pre-processing file conversions.

Our service is prompt and inexpensive.  It places less demands on customer submissions.  Customer images may be submitted without GPS/IMU data from UAVs or manned aircraft.  When provided with GPS and IMU data, we require a 25% overlap on submitted images. With no GPS/IMU data, the required overlap increases to 50% which is still under the requirements of alternative image processing services.

Our T.I.P.S. program enables our customers to avoid purchasing expensive GIS and image processing software.   We deliver multi-spectral ortho-mosaics processed by Geographic Information System specialists, all  with extensive experience working with aerial images and Tetracam multispectral imaging systems. For further information on this service or for a quotation on processing your Tetracam multispectral images, contact the Tetracam sales group at 818-397-0469 or email sales@tetracam.com.