Throughout the world, unmanned aerial vehicles lift multi-spectral imaging systems above farms , forests and fields to spot problems with vegetation from the air (see example applications here).  Some of the vendors who we commonly work with have supplied special sale-priced integrated UAV/Camera systems for listing on our web site that are especially appropriate for agricultural applications.   These systems are shown below.  More will be added to this page shortly.    Individuals who participate in our training workshops qualify for additional savings on these systems.    Please use the scroll bar at right to view all systems on sale.  For additional information, please send email to sales@tetracam.com



System Rentals



Equipment Rentals

The following equipment models are available for rental purposes.  Minimum rental period is seven days.

  Tetracam Camera Model Daily Rental Rate Monthly Rental Rate
  ADC Lite $50/Day  
ADC Micro $50/Day  
  ADC $75/Day  
  ADC-FX $100/Day  
  Mini-MCA $250/Day



Rent With Option To Buy Program

If a rental unit or any other Tetracam imaging system is purchased during the time a unit is rented, the rental fee that is due at the time the rental unit is returned (up to one month's rent) will be credited towards the purchase.  In essence, this allows you to try out the equipment you need prior to purchasing it.

Note:  All rental programs are applicable to domestic customers only and may be terminated at any time.  International customers should check with their local reseller for questions on rental programs in their area.

For additional details, please contact our Sales and Marketing Department.