Miscellaneous Accessories









ADC-MCA Controller Box (Button Box) and Multi-I/O cable

This lightweight remote control panel operates the ADC Standard camera (not the ADC Air or ADC Lite) and the Mini MCA camera system from a distance. The box provides all of the controls normally available on the unit.  It enables the user to scroll up and down through the system menus, pick a selection or take a picture.  The Controller box includes two connectors on its side.  These are a yellow RCA connector which supplies NTSC or Video out from the camera and an RS232 serial input for connecting an optional GPS receiver or sending commands to the camera.  The 3.5 mm stereo phone plug tip, ring and sleeve is camera receive, camera transmit and ground. respectively.  The Controller box also includes a connector on the bottom side for attachment to an included 16 pin 6' Multi-I/O Hirose cable for connecting it to the camera.   Replacement cables or cables of different lengths may be ordered as required. 







ADC-MCA Controller Box Multi-I/O Cable

This Multi-I/O cable connects the ADC-MCA Controller box to ADC, MCA or Mini MCA imaging systems.  The standard cable length is six feet.  Other cable lengths up to ten feet may be built to order as specified by customers.

The following describes the 15 active pin functions of the Multi I/O connector:
1 supply power
2, 3, 4 & 5 MENU/SELECT, UP, DOWN, and TAKE PIC buttons,
respectively. Momentarily short to ground for button activation.
6 power switch / external event trigger
7 RS-232 Transmit (GPS)
8 RS-232 Receive (GPS)
9 Red LED: logic high when camera is busy
10 Green LED: logic high when camera is on / idle
11 (NC)
12, 13 NTSC or PAL video signal and ground, respectively
14 3.3 V (logic high)
15 ground
16 (NC)
















GPS Serial Cable

This cable transfers GPS data from the user's GPS unit to any of our Tetracam cameras enabling the camera to record the GPS position on to a captured image. This avoids confusion as to which image corresponds to which location.   One plug of the cable connects to the Tetracam camera.  The other is a male RS-232 DB9 connector.   Note:  Please consult the camera's user manual or the CD that came with your camera to determine the appropriate data format and baud rate required for serial data transfer.   Also, please be sure to check your GPS unit to ensure that it will accept a male DB9 connector.  If your GPS unit has a different connector, contact us.  We can fabricate cables to match the specific requirements of your particular GPS unit.







Optical Filters

Optical filters for the Mini- MCA family of cameras may be ordered individually.  Additional information regarding MCA band pass filters is available here.

Prices vary for individual filters.  For prices or further information on optical filters, please send email to info@tetracam.com