The Ultimate Flight Planning Software

Flight planning is the first step to ensuring that aerial imagery is captured at the right time and place. A good flight plan results in a dataset with adequate overlap and detail to guarantee downstream processing like point cloud generation and mosaicking will succeed.

Tetracam recommends AeroScientific FlightPlanner. A simple to use, straightforward user interface and informative user guide will have you planning your next flight in no time.

Classic edition:

  • Very helpful, step-by-step user guide
  • Import KML polygons
  • Draw polygons on streamed background maps
  • Create parallel flight lines and cross lines
  • Export in multiple formats (KML, ForeFlight)
  • Works with Tetracam S_Link Android application

Pro edition:

  • All the features of the Classic edition
  • Path flight line mode
  • Free draw mode
  • Selected entity information
  • Use terrain height when flight planning
  • Import KML for view only
  • Import static background maps (1 map at a time)

Ultimate edition:

  • All the features of the Classic and Pro editions
  • Create flight lines of different heights
  • Import ESRI shape files and ASCII text files
  • Import TopoFlight and Track'Air files
  • Export flight line heights for Aviatrix Pro
  • Import static background maps (unlimited maps at a time)