Remote Processor




Automated Image Processing on Remote Systems


Remote Processor  is a Windows-based program that enables the host computer to retrieve ADC camera RAW or DCM files,  execute color processing and generate  NDVI and SAVI images, then write those images to user designated paths.  All of the functionality of RP is available from the desktop application window as well as the command line or batch modes.

Remote Processor  runs on any Windows XP, Vista or Win7 32-bit Operating System.  The program does not run on Windows 7 64 bit systems nor on systems equipped with Windows 8 OS.  The program is compatible with every Tetracam multi-spectral imaging system with the exception of the ADC Micro.  The program is interoperable with the entire suite of otherTetracam programs, DLLs and utilities (see Tetracam Application Software Overview).