(Multi-Camera Array)







Note:  This product is no longer in production.  It has been replaced by the Macaw and the Micro-MCA.

The MCA (Multiple Camera Array) Series of cameras consist of up to six channels of 10 bit SXGA (1.3 megapixel) data.  Each channel has it's own detector/bandpass filter/lens mounted in a common, factory aligned optical block. The MCA features a fast USB interface and non-volatile image storage on standard CompactFlash cards. Host software supplied with the camera provides full camera control and image management. The filter passbands are customer designated at the time of order. These are easily field replaceable using standard 25mm spectrometer filters. The system can be connected to an external GPS receiver speaking NMEA sentences, camera coordinates at capture time are then attached to the image data and later recovered using PixelWrench2.



  Features   Specifications  
  • 1.3 megapixel(Per Channel) Image size
    for excellent ground resolution.

  • Video out and standard GPS data
    capture from an external receiver.

  • User interchangable optics and

  • The optional SensorLink GPS waypoint triggering
    application enables camera triggering at pre-defined

  • Uses standard Compact Flash Memory

  • Powerful PixelWrench2 image editing
    software with several tools specific to
    multi-spectral images and MCA cameras.


Download the MCA Brochure (2.63MB)

Download the MCA Users Manual (217kb)

Download the MCA FAQ (10kb


  • SXGA (1280 x 1024) 1.3 megapixel CMOS sensor, 1 per channel.

  • 25 mm standard spectrometer filter, behind lens, 1 per channel

  • Image storage to Compact Flash in Tetracam DCM, 8 bit and
    10 bit formats.

  • C-mount system compatible with thousands of available lenses.
    (supplied with 8.5 mm lenses)

  • USB interface

  • Multipin I/O connector for use with Tetracam remote trigger and viewer accessories.

  • Steel Enclosure

  • Image Capture:
    Capacity: Approx. 1 MB per image, limited only by CF card size.
    Rate: Single Shot - Capture to end of compression and write:
    3 - 5 seconds.
    Burst Mode - 1.3 frames per second until buffer full.

  • Shutter type: Rolling shutter

  • Inputs:
    12 VDC @ 1A
    RS-232 dedicated to capture of NMEA GPS sentences.
    External Trigger

  • Outputs:
    Realtime NTSC or PAL Video for both viewfinder and menu operations

  • Data Interface:
    USB 1.1

  • Dimensions (MCA-4):
    7.0 in. x 6.0 in. x 4.0 in. (179 mm x 153 mm x 101 mm) without lenses
    Weight 4 lb. (1.8 kg) (4 channel configuration)

    (Click here for MCA-4 dimensional drawing - 73 kb - pdf)

  • Dimensions (MCA-6):
    8.0 in. x 7.0 in. x 4.0 in. (203 mm x 179 mm x 101 mm) without lenses
    Weight 6.25 lb. (2.85 kg) (6 channel configuration)

    (Click here for MCA-6 dimensional drawing - 121 kb - pdf)

  • System Includes:
    MCA Camera, 1 filter and 8.5 mm lens per channel
    2GB CF cards (1 per channel)
    USB Cable
    Remote Trigger unit
    AC/DC power supply
    DC power cable
    White Teflon Calibration Plate (AKA Calibration tag or Software Calibration Tile)
    Tetracam PixelWrench2 Application Software (for Windows)
    Rugged carrying case



The MCA is ideal for critical narrow band digital photography on the ground or in the air





MCA-6 Multi-spectral images captured with various filters.